Letter for M. Ulpius Eurykles of Aizanoi

OGIS 505 Date: 157 AD
The Council of the Areopagos and its herald and competition-director (agōnothetēs) of the games of the Augusta, Nummius Menis, to the Officials, Council and People of Aizanoi, greetings:[1] Your citizen (politēs), Marcus Ulpius Eurykles, the most noteworthy (axiologōtatos),[2] (5)was resident (epedēmēsen) in our city for all this time in a manner worthy of his own rank (axiōmatos) and of your city, as he employed his stay in Athens, as if it was his fatherland, conversing in an educated manner (paideia) and showing a thoroughly excellent (enareton) attitude through his zeal for what is most beautiful and revered (semnotata). And for this we honoured (10)him with fitting honours and the dedication of a statue and a portrait both in our fatherland, Athens, in whatever place he wishes, and among you.[3] And we considered that these things give a just testimonial (marturēsai) of the man before you, on account of his decorum (kosmiotētos) and his character and his love of honour (philotimias) regarding education (paideian)