AIO 296 - Athenian regulations for Erythrai

AIO 305 - Honours for Pythophanes

AIO 310 - Decree concerning Carthage

AIO 313 - Honours for Herakleides of Klazomenai

AIO 314 - Decree about priestess and temple of Athena Nike

AIUK 4.2 (BM, Decrees of Council and Assembly)

AIUK 4.2 (BM, Decrees of Council and Assembly) no. 4 - Reaffirmed alliance with Rhegion, 433/2 BC

AIUK 4.2 (BM, Decrees of Council and Assembly) no. 5 - Decree about tribute of Delian League ("Kleinias' decree")

I Oropos

I Oropos 292 - Contract for construction of flood drain at Amphiaraion


IG I3 9 - Dealings with the Delphian Amphiktyony

IG I3 36 - Decree about payment to priestess of Athena Nike

IG I3 46 - Foundation of colony at Brea

IG I3 54 - Reaffirmed alliance with Leontinoi

IG I3 83 - Alliance with Argos, Elis and Mantinea

IG I3 92 - Honours for Kallippos the Thessalian

IG I3 110 - Decree for Oiniades of (Palai)skiathos

IG I3 118 - Ratification of Alcibiades’ treaty with Selymbria

IG I3 119 - Ratification of a treaty with the Klazomenians at Daphnous

IG I3 127 - Honours for the Samians


SEG 50.45 - Honours for Polypeithes of Siphnos

Matthaiou, Ta en tei stelei,

Matthaiou, Ta en tei stelei, 57–70 - Reaffirmed alliance with Egesta, 418/7 BC


OR 144 - Decrees relating to the treasury of the Other Gods ("Kallias' decrees")

OR 150 - Decrees for Methone

OR 183A - Decree to republish Draco’s law on homicide