On the conveyance of sacred objects for the Eleusinian Mysteries

AIUK 4.2 (BM, Decrees of Council and Assembly) no. 17 Date: ca. 220 AD
The People decided. Arabianos was archon; - was the prytany; Eutychos was secretary; - was chairman; Dryantianos archon [of the Eumolpidai proposed]: since we continue even now, as also (5) throughout times past, to celebrate the Mysteries, and tradition obliges the genos of the Eumolpidai to have considered how the sacred objects should be brought [in good order] both hither from Eleusis and back again from the city to Eleusis, for good fortune the People shall decide, to (10) require the superintendent of the ephebes in accordance with ancient custom to lead the ephebes to Eleusis on the thirteenth of Boedromion with the dignity usual to a procession with sacred objects, in order that on the fourteenth they may convey the sacred objects to the Eleusinion under (15) the (Acro)polis, so that there should be more good order and a larger escort for the sacred objects, since also the Brightener of the two Goddesses traditionally reports to the priestess of Athena that the sacred objects have come and the escorting host; and in the same way on the nineteenth of Boedromion to require (20) the superintendent of the ephebes to lead the ephebes back to Eleusis accompanying the sacred objects with the same dignity; and that the future superintendents should do this every year, so that there should never be any omission or reduction in the piety shown towards the two Goddesses; (25) and all the ephebes shall take part in the procession, in full armour, crowned with a myrtle crown, proceeding in military formation; and since we oblige the ephebes to process such a great distance, they shall take part in the sacrifices and libations and paians on the way, (30) so that the sacred objects may be led with a [stronger?] escort and a longer procession, and the ephebes in participating in the city’s cultivation of the divine should also become more pious men; and all the ephebes will partake in everything which (35) the archon of the genos provides for the Eumolpidai, and especially the distribution; and this decision shall be notified to the Council of the Areopagos and the Council of 500 and to the hierophant and the genos of the Eumolpidai; and the treasurer of the genos of the Eumolpidai (40) shall inscribe this decree on three stelai and stand one in the Eleusinion under the (Acro)polis, another in the Diogeneion, and another at Eleusis in the sanctuary in front of the Council chamber.[1]