Manumission at Delphi of Arsinoa, slave of Xenon

CID V 534 Date: 153/2–144/3 BC
In the archonship of Eukles at Delphi[1], in the month of Poitropios, when the members of the Council for the first six months were Eudokos son of Praxias and Hagesilaos son of Tarantinos, when Politas son of Asandros was secretary, and in Athens Xenokles was general in the month of Posideon. On the following conditions, Xenon son of Philistos (5)of Athens[2] has sold to Apollo Pythios a female body (sōma gunaikeion), whose name is Arsinoa of homeborn birth, for the price of ten minas of silver[3], and he has the whole price, inasmuch as Arsinoa entrusted the purchase to the god, on the condition that she be free and unclaimable as property (anephaptos) by anyone for her whole life, doing whatever she wishes and departing wherever she wishes. Guarantor (bebaiōtēr) (10)according to the law of the city: Eudokos son of Praxias of Delphi.[4] If anyone should seize Arsinoa with a view to enslaving Uninscribed space her, let both the seller Xenon and the guarantor Eudokos provide the deed of sale (15)to the god under guarantee. If they should not provide the deed of sale to the god under guarantee, let them be liable (praktimoi) according to the law of the city, and similarly let anyone who happens to be present have the power to seize Arsinoa (from them), since (20)she is free, (and let them) not be accountable or subject to any charge or fine. Witnesses: Nikolaos son of Timon, Kallimachos and Hybrilaos sons of Mnasidamos, Andron son of Xenokles, Philistos son of Xenon, Chaleians. Dionysios son of Iranion, Babylos (25)son of Aiakidas, Laiadas son of Babylos, Xenon son of Xenokritos Damophilos son of Herakleidas, Timokritos son of Eukleidas, Delphians.