Decree of a thiasos of Bendis on Salamis (harbour) (247/6 BC)

SEG 59.155 Date: 247/6 BC
In the archonship of Kydenor (245/4),[1] on the third of Anthesterion, at the principal assembly. Batrachos[2] proposed: since those of the thiasotai who are appointed annually to managerial roles (epimeleias) have managed well and with love of honour (philotimōs) both the sacrifices, according to tradition, and the other (5) things which the law requires of them, and have submitted accounts (logous), the society shall decide to praise and crown them and write up year by year each managerial role from the archonship of Polyeuktos (250/49) to that of Theophemos (247/6);[3] and to choose three men who will receive the money assigned and dedicate a stele in the sanctuary (10) and will inscribe the decree and those who have been granted a crown each by name; and let the men chosen submit accounts for the money assigned for the dedication. The following were chosen: Batrachos, Dokimos, Krates.
col. 1
Managers in the archonship of Polyeuktos (250/49) Olive branch (15) Eutychides, Thallos Secretary: Batrachos Treasurer: Ktesippos Olive branch Managers in the archonship of Hieron (249/8) Diotimos, Demetrios, Pyrrhos (20) Secretary: Archepolis Treasurer: Batrachos Olive branch Managers in the archonship of Diomedon (248/7) Xenon, Amphip[olis] Thallos, Ag- (25) Secretary: . . . [Treasurer: ...] [Olive branch] [Managers in the archonship of Theophemos (247/6)] . . . [Secretary ...] [Treasurer ...]
col. 2
Managers in the archonship of Kydenor (245/4) Olive branch Tibeios, Artemon, Thallos Secretary: Archepolis (30) Treasurer: Krates Uninscribed In the archonship of Eurykleides (243/2) Secretary: Batrachos (?) Treasurer: Krates Uninscribed