Decree of Eleusis honouring the patrol-commander (peripolarch), Smikythion

I Eleusis 80 Date: ca. 325-300 BC
Relief[1] Timokedes son of Gnathis proposed: since Smikythion the patrol-commander (peripolarchos) is a good man towards the demesmen of Eleusis, and both stationed himself (5) and the soldiers with him at Eleusis, and took action with the generals and the deme or the People to ensure that sufficient guards came to Eleusis and other things that were needed (10) for the guarding of Eleusis,[2] the Eleusinians shall decide to praise Smikythion son of O- of Kephale and crown him with a gold crown; and the demarch in office after (15) Isarchos shall announce at the Dionysia in the tragedies that the deme of Eleusis crowns Smikythion son of O- of Kephale with this crown for his excellence and justice (20) towards the demesmen of Eleusis; and he shall have a seat of honour (proedrian), and the demarch in office shall invite him like the others who are given a seat of honour; (25) and so that everyone may know that the demesmen of Eleusis give thanks to those who do it good, the demarch Isarchos shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele (30) and stand it wherever seems to be best.