Funerary monument of Pythion of Megara

IG I3 1353 Date: 446-ca. 425 BC
This is the memorial lying on the tomb of an excellent (aristo) man, Pythion from Megara, having slain (daiōsas) seven men and broken off seven spears in their bodies, he chose excellence (aretan), bringing renown (eukleizōn) to his father among the People. This man, who saved three tribes (5) of Athenians, bringing them from Pegai through Boeotia to Athens, having brought renown (eukleise) to Andokides with two thousand captives or slaves? (andrapodoisin).[1] Having harmed (pēmanas) no man (anthrōpōn) on earth (epichthoniōn), he went down to Hades deemed blessed (makaristos) for all to see. These are the tribes: PandionisIII, KekropisVII, AntiochisX.