Honours for Herakleides of Klazomenai

AIO 313 Date: 403 - ca. 395 BC and 424 - 403 BC (?)
Decree 1 (403 - ca. 395?)[1] . . . the [secretary of the Council] shall inscribe [this decree and that previously enacted for Herakleides?[2] and] put it on the acropolis.
Decree 2 (Council and People, before 403 BC?) (5) The Council and the People decided. [Akamantis or Pandionis]V or III was in prytany. S- was secretary. [Theokleides or Neokleides] was chairman. - proposed: the secretary of the Council shall inscribe Herakleides [the Klazomenian] as (10) proxenos and benefactor, [as the People] shall decide, and put it on the acropolis, because he acted well by the Athenian [embassies (presbeias)] and in other respects is a good man towards the Athenian (14) People.
Decree 3 (People, before 403 BC?) (14) Thoukydides proposed: in other respects (15) in accordance with the Council, but since the [envoys (presbes)] who have come from the King report that Herakleides has co-operated with them enthusiastically with regard to the treaty (spondas)[3] . . . and any other business which they proposed, Herakleides (20) shall have right of ownership (egktēsin) of land and [a house at Athens and immunity from taxation (ateleian) or a house, and immunity (ateleian) from the metic tax], as for the other proxenoi; and if he is killed anywhere by a violent form of death there shall be the same punishment in his case as if an Athenian is killed; and these things (25) shall apply to the descendants of Herakleides.
Of Herakleides son of G-, proxenos and benefactor, the [Klazo]menian.