Decrees about the tribute of the Delian League ("Kleonymos' Decree")

Matthaiou, Studies, 89-107 Date: Ca. 428-425 BC
Relief[1] [Pol]ema[rchos of - was secretary] (?) Of tribute.[2]
Decree 1 The Council and the People decided; KekropisVII was the prytany;[3] Polemarchos was secretary; Onasos (5) was chairman. Kleonymos proposed: as many cities as pay tribute to the Athenians shall choose in each city [collectors (eglogeas) of tribute], so that from each city the [tribute] . . . [for the Athenians?] or . . . . . . Unknown number of lines missing (10) . . . . . . by the prytany which is in office . . . after the Dionysia; and they shall reveal in public (?) the cities which have paid the tribute and the cities which have not paid (15) and the cities which have fallen short (?); to those which owe tribute five men shall be sent to exact it; and the Greek Treasurers (ellenotamiai) shall write up on a board (es sanidi) the cities which have . . . their tribute and the names of those who have brought it and place it (20) on each occasion in front of . . . and it shall be possible (?) for the Samians and Therans[4] . . . of the money which [they contrive?], except for the choice of the men, and any other city that has been assessed to bring money to Athens; and the prytany of KekropisVII (25) shall place this decree on a stele on the acropolis. [Polykritos or Pythokritos] proposed: in other respects as proposed by Kleonymos, but so that the Athenians may wage the war optimally and most easily, they shall bring a proposal before the (29) People, holding an Assembly in the morning.
Decree 2 (29) The Council (30) and the People decided. KekropisVII was the prytany; Polemarchos was secretary; Hygiainon was chairman. . . . proposed: in other respects in accordance with the previous decree . . . for the tribute (?) Unknown number of lines missing . . . (35) . . . . . . . . . choose managers (epimeletas) of the money [not exacted by?] the Athenians [in accordance with the] . . . decree, (40) and [one] of the generals [shall always sit with them?] when they [deal with the business] of any [of the cities that are in debt]; but if anyone contrives wickedly that the decree about the tribute shall not be valid or that the tribute shall not be brought to Athens, those who do this (?) shall be prosecuted (45) by whoever wishes from this city, before the managers; and the managers shall bring the cases to court monthly when the summons-witnesses (kleteres)[5] have come; the summons-witnesses shall be double the number (?) of those whom any one wishes to prosecute; and if the court (50) condemns, there shall be an assessment of what he should suffer or pay; and the heralds . . . the prytaneis with . . . . . . send to the cities in the . . . prytany, so that those who are to collect the tribute (55) shall be chosen as quickly (?) as possible, and written up in the Council chamber. The official sellers (poletai) shall make a contract for the stele. Collectors of the tribute from the cities.[6]