Honours for Pythophanes

AIO 305 Date: 411 (?) and 399/8 BC
Decree 1 (411?) . . . . . . -ates of Ikarion [was secretary?]. . . . was chairman . . . (5) . . . and with him p- . . . . . . of Xypete, Diop- of -, - . . . of Kephale, Kal- of -.[1] Hippomenes proposed: for Pythophanes of -stos, since he is a proxenos and (10) benefactor of the Athenians and does what good he can for the city of Athens and that of -stos, the secretary of the Council now in office shall inscribe the decree [previously voted] on a stone stele (15) and set it down on the acropolis; and as regards the money belonging to Pythophanes in Athens or in any other place which the Athenians [rule], and concerning the ship that he talks about and the [money?] no-one shall do him wrong; and he shall have (20) [immunity from seizure (asulian)] for himself and his money both coming in and going out. Let this be decreed, wherever the Athenians [rule], for the entire household of Pythophanes in the same way; and the generals in office at any time and the Council (25) in office at any time shall take care that this comes about; and the secretary of the Council shall inscribe this decree on the same stele.
Decree 2 (399/8)[2] In the archonship of Aristokrates (399/8). (30) The Council decided. KekropisVII was in prytany. - was secretary. [Aristokrates was archon] (399/8). - was chairman . . . . . .