Decree of Aixone honouring the choregoi, Demokrates and Hegesias, 326/5 BC

Ackermann, Aixone, 112-117 no. 2 Date: 326/5 BC
Philoktemon son of Chremes proposed:[1] since the choral sponsors (chorēgoi) in the archonship of Chremes (326/5), Demokrates son of Euphiletos (5)and Hegesias son of Lysistratos, sponsored choruses for the Aixoneans well and with love of honour (philotimōs), to praise them and crown them with a gold (10) crown of 500 (?) drachmas each for their love of honour (philotimias) and responsibility (epimeleias) towards the demesmen; and the demarch Dorotheos (15) and the treasurers shall give them also for sacrifice 10 drachmas from the revenues of the demesmen; and the demarch Dorotheos (20) shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it in the theatre, so that those intending to sponsor choruses for the Aixoneans (25) may know that the deme of the Aixoneans will honour those who show love of honour (philotimoumenous) towards them.