Honorific decree of the Paraloi

IG II2 1254 Date: after ca. 350 BC
Gods. The Paraloi decided.[1] Since Meixigenes continues to be a good and just man (5) regarding the Paraloi, the Paraloi shall decide, to crown Meixigenes son of Mikon of Cholleidai for his excellence (aretēs) and justice (dikaiosunēs) towards the Paraloi (10) with a golden crown of - drachmas; and that the Paraloi will also always assign him a portion, whenever they sacrifice to Paralos;[2] and to inscribe this decree on (15) a stone stele and set it up in the Paralion; and the managers (epimelētas) in office in the treasurership (tamieuontos) of Diophantos[3] (20) are to take care of setting it up; and after they have given an account of whatever they spend on the inscription and erection of the stele, when the next meeting (sullogos) takes place they will be reimbursed by the Paraloi.