Decree of the orgeones of Bendis (ca. 190 BC)

IG II2 1324 Date: ca. 190 BC?
[1] . . . : [since Stephanos, having become manager (epimelētēs)] for the year when - was archon, oversaw the repairs to the sanctuary (5) as was proper, and dispatched the procession worthily of the goddess, showing love of honour (philotimētheis) in all this and making additional expenditure from his own funds, and took care of everything else that was appropriate (10) during his year well and in seemly fashion: in order therefore that the orgeones may be seen to show appropriate gratitude to those who at any time display love of honour (philotimoumenois), for good fortune, the orgeones shall decide, (15) to praise Stephanos for his piety towards Bendis and Deloptes[2] and the other gods and for his love of honour (philotimias) towards the orgeones (and) to crown him (20) with a foliage crown, in order that there may be an incentive for the rest of the orgeones who wish to show piety towards the gods and love of honour (philotimeisthai) towards the orgeones, (25) knowing that they will earn appropriate gratitude from the orgeones; and he shall be granted a place for a dedication in the sanctuary, wherever may be judged appropriate; and the secretary shall inscribe this (30) decree on a stone stele and stand it beside the dedication; and the treasurer shall defray the expenditure that arises for the making and inscribing.
In foliage crown The orgeones (crown) Stephanos