Dedication by orgeones from Prospalta

IG II3 4 644 Date: ca. 350-300 BC
The orgeones[1] dedicated to Asklepios. From Prospalta:[2]
col. 1
Agathaios son of Agatharchos[3] Kritophantos son of Theomnemon (5) Dexitheos son of Kritophantos Kritophantos son of Theagenides Eunikos son of Theomnemon Theophantos son of Theagenides Ameinias son of Ameipsias (10) Theomnestos son of Theagenides
col. 2
Agatharchos son of Ameipsias Autokles son of Agathaios Deinias son of Diphilides Anthemion son of Aischylos (15) Aischylos son of Diphilides Meidonikos son of Androkles Meidokritos son of Androkles Theagenides son of Kritophantos.