Statue base for Quintus Statius Themistokles of Cholleidai

IG II2 3704 Date: Mid-iii AD
By decree of the Council of the Areopagus, (this statue of) Quintus Statius Themistokles of Cholleidai,[1] son of the priest for life of Asklepios (5) Soter, Quintus Statius Glaukos of Cholleidai, and of Claudia Ammia Agrippina of Marathon, daughter of Claudius Themistokles, Asiarch,[2] born of and descended from (10) philosophers, consuls and Asiarchs, (was set up by) Titus Flavius Glaukos of Marathon,[3] poet, orator and philosopher, advocatus fisci (apo sunēgoriōn tamiou),[4] having served as keyholder (kleidouchēsanta) of the god[5] with distinction (epiphanōs), beside (15) their common great-grandfather, Quintus Statius Sarapion, whose nearby tripod that is.[6]