Honours for the prytany of Akamantis

IG II3 1 1260 Date: 193/2 BC
. . .
col. 1
uninscribed line Zoïlos of Sphettos
col. 2
The (5) secretary Zoïlos of Sphettos
col. 3
The People (crown) (10) the prytany
traces of two more columns
In the archonship of Phanarchides (193/2), in the second prytany, of -ntis, for which -machos son of Menestratos of LamptraiI was secretary. Decrees of the Council. . . . (15) On the twenty- (- met' eikadas) of - , the eighth . . . , the third of the prytany. Council in the Council chamber. Of the presiding committee Epixenos of Eleusis was putting to the vote and his fellow presiding committee members. The Council decided. - son of - of Rhamnous proposed: since the prytany of Akamantis and the men who have permanent dining rights have praised and crowned the treasurer, Zoilos of Sphettos, whom they chose from themselves, and have declared to the Council that he has made (20) all the sacrifices which are proper in the prytany on behalf of the Council and the People, and has taken care of everything else well and with love of honour, for good fortune, the Council shall decide to praise the treasurer, Zoïlos of Sphettos, and to crown him with a foliage crown for his piety towards the gods and his love of honour towards the People of the Athenians, and to praise also the secretary, Zoïlos of Sphettos, whom they chose from among themselves, (25)and the - , -nokrates, . . . . . .