Honours for ephebes and officials

IG II3 1 1027 Date: 235/4 BC
In the archonship of Ekphantos (235/4), in the third prytany, of AntiochisXII, for which -os son of Demetrios of HippotomadaiII was secretary. On the eighteenth of Boedromion, the fourteenth of the prytany. Assembly. Of the presiding (5) committee -odoros son of Pyrrhikion of Phlya was putting to the vote and his fellow presiding committee members. The Council and People decided. Thrasyphon son of Hierokleides of Xypete proposed: since the . . . the superintendent (kosmētēn) of the ephebes (10) letter traces
a number of lines lost
two letters . . . and for the inscription of the stele the administrator (ton epi tēi dioikēsei) shall [allocate the expenditure accrued.]
In crown (15) [The Council (crowns)] [the] [ephebes.]
In crown [The People (crowns) the] [superintendent (kosmētēn)] (20) - son of - of -
In crown The People (crowns) the (25) ephebes.
The ephebes who served in the archonship of Kimon (236/5)
col. 1
13 lines missing (40) [Aigeis]IV - son of Dromeas of Erchia -s son of Aristomenes of K-
PandionisV -ides son of Heliodoros of Paiania (45) -nides son of Heliodoros of Paiania
LeontisVI -los son of Nikoboulos of Kropidai -s son of Euboulos of Leukonoion
col. 2
Nikodoros son of Nikodoros of Phrearrhioi
(50) AkamantisVII -atos son of Sostratos of Kephale -krates son of Theophilos of Hermos
OineisVIII -emos son of Onetor of Lousia
(55) KekropisIX Leon son of Kichesias of Aixone -ion son of Phalanthos of Athmonon -boulos son of Ktesikles of Aixone -es son of Menon of Pithos
(60) HippothontisX - son of - of Piraeus - son of - of - - son of - of -
AiantisXI (65) - son of - of - Charias son of Philo- of -
AntiochisXII Pantakles son of Kr- of - Leptines son of Eurymedon of Pallene (70) Kallistratos son of - of -
In crown The Council, the People (crown) the javelin instructor (akontistēn) . . .