On the dedications to the Hero Doctor

IG II3 1 1154 Date: 220/19 BC
To the Hero Doctor Eukles son of Eunomos of Kephale[1] dedicated (anethēken).
(5) Gods In the archonship of Thrasyphon (220/19), in the sixth prytany, of PandionisVI, for which . . . of PaianiaV was secretary. Decrees [of the People] . . . . of Maimakterion, (10) the sixteenth of the prytany. Principal Assembly in the theatre. Of the presiding committee Kleomachos son of La- of - was putting to the vote, and his fellow presiding committee members. The Council decided. (15) Empedion son of Eumelos of Euonymon proposed: concerning the matters about which [the priest] of the Hero Doctor has made an approach (prosodon) . . . from the models (tupōn)[2] stored (anakeimenōn) [in the sanctuary], and the silver coin (arguriou), there should be fashioned (kataskeuasthēi), as a dedication (20) to the god, a wine-pourer (oinochoē), [as beautiful as possible?], for good fortune, the Council shall decide, that the presiding committee allotted for the forthcoming Assembly shall put these matters on the agenda, and submit the opinion of the Council to the (25) People that it seems good to the Council, that the People should choose two men [from the Areopagites], and three from their own number, who with the priest and the general in charge of equipment (epi tēn paraskeuēn) and the director of works (architektonos) (30) in charge of sanctuaries, having melted down (kathelontes) the models and anything else that there is in silver (arguroun) or gold (chrusoun), and having weighed (stēsantes) the stored silver coin (argurion), will fashion for the god a dedication, as beautiful as they can, and will dedicate it, (35) having inscribed on it, “The Council in the archonship of Thrasyphon, from the dedications, to the Hero Doctor”; and those chosen shall write up (anagrapsatōsan) the names of those who have dedicated in the sanctuary, and the weight, on a stone (40) stele[3] and stand it in the sanctuary; and they shall deposit an account of what they disburse;[4] and they shall choose a public slave (dēmosion) to make a record (antigrapsomenon), so that, these things having taken place, the affairs of the gods shall be handled well and piously by the Council and the (45) People; and to sacrifice to the god a propitiatory sacrifice (arestērion) for fifteen drachmas. For the fashioning of the wine-pourer for the Hero Doctor were elected from all Athenians, Glauketes (50) of Kephisia, Sogenes of Ikarion, Konon of Alopeke; from the Areopagites, Theognis of Kydathenaion, Chares of Aphidna; as the public slave Demetrios was elected.
In the sanctuary of the Hero Doctor, the items melted down (55) for the dedication: silver (argura):[5] tetradrachm which Kallistratos dedicated; model which Lamidion dedicated; model which Zoilos dedicated on behalf of his child (paidiou); model which Kallistion dedicated; model which Lamidion dedicated; model which (60) Asphalion dedicated; model which Nikokles dedicated; model which Kallistion dedicated; model which Philistis dedicated; model and little shield which Euthion dedicated; model which Zoilos dedicated; two thighs or thigh-bones (mērous) which Xenokles dedicated; model which (65) Eukleia dedicated; model which Olympis dedicated; model which Kallistion dedicated; eyes which Kteson dedicated; model which Kallistion dedicated; six drachmas; uninscribed tetradrachm; model which Kallistion dedicated; thighs or thigh-bones (mērous) which (70) Spinther dedicated; model which Patrokl- dedicated; eyes which Lamidion dedicated; eyes which Philostrate dedicated; end-point (akrostolion)[6] which Theodotos dedicated; model which Sophon dedicated; breast (stēthos) which Pyron dedicated; model which Mosch- dedicated (75) on behalf of Kallistrate and Kallippos; model which Kallistion dedicated; model which Kallistion dedicated; model which Kallistion dedicated; model which Kallistion dedicated; hand which Nikostrate dedicated; two little models (tupia) which Eukles dedicated.[7]
(80) Drachmas of silver: 18.[8] Weight of models: 116 dr. Dish (phialē) weight: 100 dr. Total: 234 dr. From this a propitiatory sacrifice according to the decree: 15 dr. Reduction on melting together of the little models and the dish: 12 dr.; and for inscribing the stele (85) 8 dr. 3 ob.;[9] making-cost (ergastra) of the wine-pourer: 12 dr. The wine-pourer weighs 183 dr. 3 ob. Total: 232 dr.[10] Remainder: 2 dr. Having fashioned this into a model we shall dedicate it.