Honours for two men from Pergamon

IG II3 1 1270 Date: 190/89 BC
Decree 1 . . . the Council shall decide to praise A- son of Theophilos of Pergamon[1] and to crown him with a gold crown according to the law for his goodwill and love of honour (philotimias) towards the People of the Athenians; and he shall be proxenos of the Athenians, and he shall be given the right to own land up (5) to a value of one talent, and housing (oikias) up to three thousand drachmas. The court presidents (thesmothetas) shall introduce the scrutiny of the grant for him when they next fill the court. The prytany secretary shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it on the acropolis. For the inscribing and the setting up of the stele the treasurer of the military fund shall allocate the expense accrued.
(10) The Council, the People (crown) A- son of Theophilos of Pergamon.
Decree 2 (15) In the archonship of Achaios (190/89), in the eleventh prytany, of - , for which Herakleon son of Nannakos of EupyridaiIV was secretary. On the twelfth of Mounichion, the twelfth of Thargelion [by divine reckoning (kata theon)], the twelfth of the prytany. Principal Assembly in the theatre. Of the presiding committee Eukles son of Euphanes of Cholargos was putting to the vote and his fellow presiding committee members. The Council and the People decided. (20) -s son of Chairestratos of Skambonidai proposed: since Theophilos of Pergamon,[1] being well disposed to the People, both previously spending time with (para) [king Eumenes],[2] is held in honour by him and high distinction . . . . . . the interests . . . showing [himself useful both] to those arriving individually . . . (25) . . . to those who encounter him . . . . . .