Proxeny for Apollonides son of Demetrios of Sidon

IG II3 1 379 Date: 323/2 BC
. . . . . . of the presiding committee (proedrōn) Epameinon [of Erchia?][1] was putting to the vote. -les (?) son of - of Anagyrous proposed: since the merchants (emporoi) and the shippers (nauklēroi) declare that Apollonides son of Demetrios of Sidon[2] is a good man and well (5) disposed towards the Athenian People, the People shall decide: to praise Apollonides son of Demetrios of Sidon and crown him with a gold crown of a thousand drachmas for his excellence and good will towards the Athenian People, and he shall be (10) proxenos and benefactor of the Athenian People, himself and his descendants; and he shall have right of ownership (egktēsin) of land and a house according to the law; and the secretary of the Council shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it on the acropolis; (15) and for inscribing the stele the treasurer of the People shall give 20 drachmas from the People’s fund for expenditure on decrees.