Honours for the benefactor Herodoros

IG II3 1 853 Date: 295/4 BC
Of Herodoros. Gods. In the archonship of Nikostratos (295/4), in the ninth prytany, of DemetriasII. On the ninth (5) of Elaphebolion, the twenty- fifth of the prytany. Principal Assembly. Of the presiding committee Antimachos son of A- of Acharnai was putting to the vote and his fellow presiding committee members. The People decided. Gorgos son of Phrynion (10) of - proposed: since Herodoros when earlier in the company of (diatribōn par) king Antigonos was of good will to the Athenian People, and now being in the confidence (em pistei) of king Demetrios does what good he can (15) both collectively on behalf of the city and individually for each Athenian as the need arises, and since the ambassadors sent on behalf of peace to king Demetrios declare that (20) he shared in the effort (sunagōnisasthai) for the People to accomplish both friendship with king Demetrios, and so that the People, having been delivered from the war as quickly as possible, and having recovered the city, might (25) continue to have democracy, for good fortune, the People shall decide: to praise Herodoros son of Ph- of [Lampsakos or Kyzikos] for the good will and love of honour (philotimias) that he continues to have for the Athenian People, and to crown him (30) with a gold crown according to the law; and to announce the crown at the tragedy competition of the Dionysia in the city; and he shall be Athenian, and his descendants, and shall enrol in the tribe (35) and deme and phratry that he wishes; and he shall have dining rights (sitēsin) in the city hall (prutaneiōi), as shall the eldest of his descendants at the time, and a front row seat (proedrian) at all competitions that the city puts on; the People also shall stand (40) a bronze statue of him in the Agora but not next to those of Harmodios and Aristogeiton and the Saviours; and the People shall elect three men from all the Athenians who will manage the (45) making of the statue; and the inspector (exetastēn) and the trittys commanders (trittuarchous) shall allocate to them whatever expenditure for the statue accrues; and the prytany shall put the vote about him at the next Assembly; (50) and the court presidents (thesmothetas) shall bring the scrutiny (dokimasian) of his citizenship [and his award] before the court according to the law, when they next [fill up] the courts; and the prytany secretary (55) shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it on the acropolis; and for inscribing the stele the administratror (ton epi tei dioikēsei) shall give (the expenditure).
In crown The People.