Dedication by a board of officials, 209/8 BC

IG II3 4 102 Date: 209/8 BC
The - in the archonship of So[stratos] (209/8) dedicated (this): – of KydathenaionI –atos of KoileII (5) –oros of LamptraiIII – of IonidaiIV – of OaV –s of SounionVI –oras of PhlyaVII (10) –emos of CholargosVIII –oros of PerithoidaiIX Soterichos of SypalettosX Dionysios of EleusisXI uninscribed space Agathokles of – (15) Secretary [appointed by lot (klērōtos)] Metrodoros of – Undersecretary Antigonos of – Secretary [appointed by election (hairetos)] (20) Demo– traces of a name[1]