Dedication by the prytany of Pandionis

IG II3 4 21 Date: ca. 390-360 BC
col. 1
[1]Deme name . . . Lys- son of -kles . . . (5) traces of a name traces of a name –os son of Antikleides - son of Onetides - son of –phon (10) traces of a name –os son of Leosthenes –oros son of Theodoros Dorikleides from Konthyle (15) Opsiades from Oa Demokrates son of Demodokos Androkles son of Lykinos Eupolemos (20) Thrasyboulos son of Diodoros from Myrrhinous –os son of Polyeuktos
col. 2
Deme name . . . (25) traces of a name - son of -kles –ios son of Lampon from Angele Menekles son of Menestratos (30) Menandros son of Menes Antimenes son of Antibios [from Prasiai] traces of a name Timandros son of Timonides (35) Heudekrates son of Eukleides from Steiria Stratokles son of Metalexis Kallimachos son of Lysimachos Kephisios son of Kephisodoros (40) from Kytherros Hegemon son of Autophon Demonikos son of Asmetos
col. 3
[from Kydathenaion or Paiania] traces of a name (45) Archikles son of Ain- Mnesitheos son of Mnesigenes Kleon son of Menexenos Euagoras son of Dionysios Demostratos son of Lysanios (50) Straton son of Stratios Philostratos son of Philinos - son of –dotos L- son of Diodotos Sosigenes son of Lykinos (55) from Probalinthos Endemos son of E[n?]demos uninscribed space traces of a name Pythodoros son of Antiphilos traces of a name (60) Pithon secretary Chairestratos son of Thosk- (?) of Kollytos.