Dedication by the treasurers of Athena, 349/8 BC

IG II3 4 28 Date: 349/8 BC
The treasurers of the goddess[1] in the archonship of Kallimachos (349/8), having completed their term of office, dedicated (this), having been crowned by the Council and the People on account of their excellence (5) and justice (dikaiosun─ôs). Ameinias son of Philippos of AgryleI, Platon son of Isotimos of IphistiadaiV, [Mnesago]ras son of Mnesilochos of HalaiII, Deinon son of Deinias of AcharnaiVI, Tachykles son of Phormion of MyrrhinousIII, Exekestides son of Exekias of XypeteVII, Hegesias son of Heg[ . . . ]ias[2] of SounionIV, Mormias son of Euboulos of OinoeVIII; (10) secretary, Pistides of ThoraiX.[3]