Dedication by soldiers at Rhamnous honouring a general and a patrol commander, 340/39 BC (?)

IG II3 4 284 Date: 340/39 BC (?)
[The soldiers dedicated (this), having crowned the general] [Megakles and] the patrol commander (peripolarchon) Cha[risandros for their] [excellence (aretēs) and] justice (dikaosunēs). In the archonship of Th[eophrastos ? (340/39)][1]
col. 1
[In crown] [General] (5) [Megakles] [son of Demeas] [of Thria]
col. 2
[In crown] [Patrol commander (peripolarchos)] [Charisandros] (10) [son of Theopompos] [of Otryne]