Dedication by an ephebe victor at the Epitaphia, 17/6 BC (?)

IG II3 4 395 Date: 17/16 BC (?)
Antiochos son of Phaidrias of Phlya, having won the torch-race at the Epitaphia[1] in the year that Apolexis son of Philokrates of Oion (5) was archon (17/16?),[2] (dedicated this to) Hermes, in the trainership (paidotribountos) of Philios son of Philios the younger of Phrearrhioi[3] and of Apollonides of Phrearrhioi,[4] in the (10) assistant-trainership (hupopaidotribountos) of Demetrios son of Leukios of Halai.[5]