Dedication commemorating the victories of a herald in Panhellenic festivals

IG II3 4 629 Date: 253-257 AD
For good fortune Valerius Eklektos,[1] councillor, of Sinope, and (citizen) of Athens, and councillor of Delphi, and (citizen) of Elis, and councillor of Sardis (5) and councillor of Perge, and councillor of Nikaia and citizen and councillor of many other cities, as herald twice victor in major games, having been victorious in the sacred world (oikoumenikous) games listed below:[2] (10) at the Olympia in Pisa 2 times, at the Pythia in Delphi 2 times, at the Nemeia in Argos 3 times, at the Isthmia 4 times, at the Panathenaia 4 times, at the Panhellenia, at the Shield-games in Argos,[3] at the Capitoline Games in Rome[4] 3 times, at the Games of Athena Promachos in Rome[5] 3 times, at the Millennial Games in Rome,[6] for which he was (15) honoured with a golden staff, first and unique among the heralds of all time, at the Eusebeia in Puteoli[7] 4 times, at the Sebasta in Neapolis[8] 4 times, at the Aktia in Nikopolis,[9] at the Olympia in Epidauros[10] 2 times, at the Herakleia in Thebes[11] 3 times, at the Trophonia in Lebadeia[11] 2 times, at the Olympia in Beroia[12] 2 times, at the Pythia in (20) Philippopolis[13] 2 times, at the Kentreiseia in Philippopolis,[14] at the Sebasta in Byzantium,[15] at the Severan Games in Nikomedia[15] 2 times, at the Provincial Games of Bithynia in Nikomedia 2 times, at the Severan Games in Nikaia 3 times, at the Chrysanthina in Sardis,[16] at the Provincial Games of Asia in Sardis, at the Pythia in Tralleis, at the Olympia in Ephesos 2 times,[17] (25) at the Barbilleia in Ephesos[17] 4 times, at the Hadrianeia in Ephesos, at the Olympia in Smyrna 2 times, at the Hadrianeia-Olympia in Smyrna 2 times, at the Provincial Games of Asia in Smyrna, at the Augusteia in Pergamon,[18] at the Olympia in Kyzikos, at the Didymeia in Miletos[19] 2 times, at the Pythia in Hieropolis, at the Aktia in Tyre, at the Sebasmeia (30) in Damascus 2 times, at the Purple Games (periporphuron) in Sidon[20] 2 times, at the Capitoline Attaleia in Aphrodisias.
(Dedicated) by the voice-trainer Marcus Aurelius Mousaios, also known as Heortasios, member of the Council of Elders (gerousiastēn) of Sardis, councillor of Delphi and of Elis and Aphrodisias, general- (35) secretary,[21] honoured by the Eleians and Delphians with statues as first and unique in voice-training.