Dedication by the prytany of Aigeis and four tribal decrees, 341/0 BC

IG II3 4 76 Date: 341/0 BC
Face A (front)
The prytany of Aigeis dedicated (this) in the archonship of Nikomachos (341/0) having been crowned by the Council and the People for its excellence (aretēs) and justice (dikaiosunēs)[1]
col. 1
from Erchia (5) Tharrias son of Tharriades Kydias son of Lysikrates Chaireas son of Paramythos Phylarchos son of Paramythos Xenokles son of Kalliades (10) Polykleides son of Kallistratos from Gargettos Diodoros son of Philokles Meixias son of Hegesias Smikrias son of Philokedes (15) Aresias son of Pausias from Philaidai Dionysios son of Hephaistion Euthykles son of Ameinias Euthydikos son of Ameinias (20) from Kydantidai Pythion son of Aischronides Demostratos son of Demostratos from Ionidai Melieus son of Ilioneus
col. 2
(25) from Ikarion Timokritos son of Timokrates Aristophanes son of Eukleides Archenautes son of Archenautes Eraton son of Eration (30) Arignotos son of Babyrios from Hestiaia Poseidippos son of Kallikrates from Bate Lysistratos son of Polyeuktos (35) from Kolonos Kalliphanes son of Kallikles Theages from Kollytos Chairephon son of Thrason (40) Alexis son of Sosiades Pherekrates son of Philokrates from Plotheia Chairias son of Chairias from Otryne (45) Philinos son of Theodoros from Erikeia Epameinon son of Epainetos
col. 3
from Halai Lysimachides son of Lysipolis (50) Eubios son of Autosthenes Apollodoros son of Archias Eunostides son of Theophantos Kallimedes son of Archemachos from Teithras (55) Demosthenes son of Demophon Demophilos son of Demokles Kallistratos Prokleides son of Proxenides from Phegaia (60) Akeratos son of Archedemos Theomnestos Theodoros son of Theognis from Araphen Elpinos son of Sosigenes (65) Kallimachos son of Mnesitheos from Myrrhinoutta Theophilos from Ankyle Eubios son of Eubiotos (70) from Diomeia Dorotheos son of Theodoros from Ankyle Melesippos son of Melesias
Tharrias of Erchia proposed:[2] it shall be resolved by the tribesmen: since Poseidippos of Hestiaia, treasurer (75) of the tribe, served well and justly as treasurer for the tribesmen and has offered sacrifices on behalf of the prytany, such as needed to be offered, to praise him for his excellence (aretēs) and justice (dikaiosunēs) regarding the prytany and to crown him with a foliage crown.
Face B (left)
Aristophanes of Ikarion proposed:[3] it shall be resolved by the tribesmen to praise, since they well and justly managed the convening (sullogēs) of the People and the distribution of the tokens (sunbolōn) and made the donation (dōreian) (80) to the tribesmen, to praise them for their excellence (aretēs) and justice (dikaiosunēs) towards the tribesmen and to crown each of them with a foliage crown for their excellence (aretēs) and justice (dikaiosunēs) towards the tribe, Diodoros son of Philokles of Gargettos, Timokritos son of Timokrates of Ikarion, Tharrias son of Tharriades of Erchia. Tharrias of Erchia proposed: to praise the religious officials (hieropoious) who officiated (hieropoiēsantas) at the Mysteries at Eleusis[4] and to crown each of them with a foliage crown for their excellence (aretēs) and justice (dikaiosunēs) towards (85) the tribesmen, Poseidippos of Hestiaia, Timokritos of Ikarion, Aristophanes of Ikarion, Chairias of Plotheia, Kallistratos of Teithras, Pythion of Kydantidai, Eubios of Ankyle, Theomnestos of Phegaia, Theophilos of Myrrhinous, Melieus of Ionidai.
col. 1
In crown The People
col. 2
In crown The Council
Face B (right)
(90) Diodoros of Gargettos proposed: to praise Aristophanes son of Eukleides of Ikarion for his justice (dikaiosunēs) towards the tribe Aigeis and to crown him with a foliage crown.[5]