Choregic dedication of the People for the City Dionysia

IG II3 4 566 Date: mid-ii AD
It was a wonderful day when Diogenes [was sponsor (echorēgei)],[1] since on the stage each one [showed] the peak of [his skill], [a comrade] of the godlike youth, Antinoos. Then the whole People of the Kekropidai erected me [as a prize,][2] (5) [since Praxag]ores held the reins of a [beautiful] chorus, while Gry[pon] led the men on with the rhythm [of the pipes,][3] [and when the herald came] announcing the good news, glory (kudos) attended those [whose namesakes were] Attalos and Akamas, [Antiochos and] Ptolemy, and Hadrian, (10) [and for this victory of Aias,] I stand here as the prize of honour (geras)[4] uninscribed space [ . . . with beauty] and splendour he produced this, [and thus] was not unnoticed by [the lovely] Graces.[5]