Alliance with Chios, 384/3 BC

AIO 802 Date: 384/3 BC
Relief[1] Alliance of Athens and Chios.[2] In the archonship of Dieitrephes (384/3). In the first prytany, of HippothontisVIII, for which - son of -anes (?) from Oion was secretary . . . Uninscribed space (5) . . . [the Chians state that] . . . these . . . being mindful of the common goods which have come to pass for the Greeks, they will uphold like the Athenians the peace and the friendship (10) and the oaths and the existing agreement which the King swore and the Athenians and the Spartans and the other Greeks, and have come [announcing] good things for the People of Athens and the whole of (15) Greece and the King, the People shall resolve: to praise the People of Chios and the ambassadors (presbeis) who have come; and the peace shall apply (huparchen), and the oaths and the agreements which now exist; and to make (20) the Chians allies on the basis of freedom and autonomy, not contravening anything that is written on the stelai about the peace, nor being persuaded if anybody else contravenes anything as far as possible; and to stand (25) a stele on the acropolis in front of the statue;[3] and on this to inscribe that if anybody goes against the Athenians the Chians will support with all their strength as far as possible, and if anybody goes against the Chians the Athenians will support with all their strength (30) as far as possible; and the Council and the generals and the taxiarchs shall swear the oath to the Chians who have come, and in Chios the Council and the other officials (archas); and to choose five men who shall sail to Chios and (35) administer the oath to the city of Chios; and the alliance shall be in force for all time; and to invite the embassy (presbeian) of the Chians to hospitality (xenian) in the city hall (prutaneion) tomorrow. These were chosen as ambassadors (presbeis): Kephalos of (40) Kollytos, - of Alopeke, Aisimos of -,[4] -s of Phrearrhioi, Demokleides of -. These were ambassadors (epresbeuon) of the Chians: Bryon, [Apelles?], [Theokritos?], Archelas.