Decrees of Akamantis awarding exemption from liturgies and honouring superintendent of ephebes

AIO 1968 Date: 362/1 and 334/3 BC (?)
Decree 1 . . . [1] . . . [and he] and his descendants shall be exempt [from the recurrent?] liturgies [under the laws?]; . . . nor any of the managers (5) . . . any . . . nor . . . [put to the vote] contrary to this decree; otherwise he shall owe a thousand drachmas sacred [to Akamas: and the managers (epimelētas) of the archonship] of Nikophemos (361/0) shall inscribe this (10) decree [and stand it in the] sanctuary of Akamas: [name + demotic], Aristokrates of Thorikos, [name +] demotic.
Decree 2 In the archonship of –. - son of – of Eiresidai proposed: (15) [since the superintendent (kosmētēs)] of ephebes Autolykos has managed the young men (neaniskōn) [well and with love of honour (philotimōs)], the tribe Akamantis shall decide to praise Autolykos son of – of Thorikos for his love of honour and management of the ephebes (20) and crown him with a [foliage] crown, when [he has rendered an account of his management?], for his excellence and [orderliness; and the] . . . shall inscribe this decree on the stele in [the sanctuary of Akamas on which] is written the (25) [decree] . . . of the archonship of -.[2]