Athenian boundary settlement between Delphi and Phlygonion-Ambryssos, at Delphi

Rousset, Le territoire de Delphes 3 Date: ca. 140 BC
God. For Good Fortune.[1]
col. 1
. . . . . . . . . (5) . . . to you . . . . . . in the archonship of . . . but in . . . . . . in Delphi . . . in the archonship . . .
ll. 9–17 are lost
col. 2
. . . which is called . . . , but the left side, as the stream flows[2] should belong to the Delphians until Aigoneia. (20)From Aigoneia, as the stream flows, through the ravine at the ridge called Kerdon, until the road which leads to the holm oak: the right side should belong to the Phlygonians and the Ambryssians,[3] whereas the left should belong to the Delphians. From the road, until the holm oak at Katopterion;[4] (25)from Katopterion straight along the ridge to the sharp rock (oxun lithon). From the rock straight on to Petrachos. From [Petrachos] straight on to Parnassus: The area to the east of this (line) shall belong to the Phlygonians and the (30)Ambryssians, whereas the parts to the west shall belong to the Delphians. The stream flowing past Aigoneia shall belong to all of them in common.[5] If there are any sanctuaries in these places, they shall continue to function as they have from the beginning.[6]