Athenian judicial relations with Phaselis

OR 120 Date: Mid-v BC ?
The Council and the People decided. AkamantisV was in prytany. [Mnasippos or Onasippos] was secretary. Neokleides was chairman. Leon proposed: (5) to inscribe the decree for the Phaselites.[1] Whatever cause of action (xumbolaion) arises at Athens against any of the Phaselites, the trials are to be held at Athens (10) before the polemarch, as for the Chians, and nowhere else.[2] Of the other cases covered by judicial conventions (xumbolōn), the trials shall be held in accordance with the existing judicial conventions (xumbolas) with the Phaselites.[3] (15) The – shall be abolished. If any of the other officials accepts a case against any of the Phaselites [contrary to this?], if he condemns, the condemnation shall be invalid. (20) If anybody contravenes what has been decreed, he shall owe ten thousand drachmas sacred to Athena. Let the secretary of the Council inscribe this decree (25) on a stone stele and set it down on the acropolis, at the expense of the Phaselites.[4]