Alliance with Thracian, Paionian and Illyrian kings

AIO 816 Date: 356/5 BC
Fragments ab
[1] Relief[2] Secretary Lysias son of Lys- of Pithos.[3] Alliance of the Athenians with Ketriporis the Thracian and his brothers and with Lyppeios the Paionian and with Grabos the Illyrian. In the archonship of Elpines (356/5). In the first (5) prytany, of Hippothontis. On the eleventh of the prytany. Of the presiding committee Mnesarch- of - was putting to the vote. The Council and the People decided. Kallisthenes[4] proposed: for the good fortune of the People of Athens, to accept the alliance [on the terms which Mono?]unios[5] the brother of Ketriporis says (10) were agreed by his brother and the [envoy of?] the People of Athens to Ketriporis and his brothers and to Lyppeios the Paionian and to Grabos the Illyrian; and the presiding committee allotted to preside at the next Assembly shall introduce to the People [Monounios?] the brother (15) of Ketriporis and Peisianax[6] and the embassies (presbeias) that have come from Lyppeios and Grabos and - who has come from Chares,[7] and submit the opinion of the Council to the People, that it seems good to the Council to accept the alliance,[8] since . . . (20) the – [of Monounios?] . . . Chares . . . the People of Athens . . . for war . . . Philip . . . (25) . . .
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Fragment c
. . . . . . the money; and to praise Ketriporis and his brothers because they are good men with regard to the People of Athens; and to praise also [Monounios?] the brother who has come from Ketriporis (30) for his [excellence and good will], and invite him to hospitality (xenia) in the city hall (prutaneion) tomorrow; and to praise also Peisianax, and invite him to dinner in the city hall (prutaneion) tomorrow; [and to invite – and Arist]oteles? who have come from [the other kings?] to the city hall (prutaneion) tomorrow; and if (35) this decree lacks anything, the Council shall be authorised (kurian).[9] [Ambassadors (presbes) appointed:] Lysikrates of Oinoe, Antimachos of -, Thrason of Erchia.[10] 1 line uninscribed 'I swear by Zeus and Earth and Sun and Poseidon and Athena and Ares that I shall be a friend to Ketriporis and the brothers of (40) Ketriporis and an ally, and I shall wage with Ketriporis[11] the war against Philip without deceit, with all my strength, as far as possible, and I shall not put an end in advance to the war against Philip without Ketriporis and his brothers, and [such territories as] Philip [now] holds I shall join in subduing with (45) Ketriporis and his brothers, and I shall join in taking Krenides with Ketriporis and his brothers, and I shall give back (apodōsō) the . . . '