The ephebes honour the superintendent, 201/2 AD

IG II2 2193 Date: AD 201/2
Face A (front)
For him whom emperors (basilēs) crowned for the righteousness (eudikiē) of his way of life, and appointed Prize-director (aethlothetēn) in the holy races (stadiois hierois), president of the athletic association (xustarchēn) for the Kekropians and the athletes, Tryphon, (this) herm was erected, by his sons, for their father and superintendent (kosmētēn). (5) As the most famous man of the glorious city of the Kekropians, he took the reins of the children’s self-discipline (sōphrosunēs) and way of life.[1] In the archonship of Gaius Quintus Himertos of Marathon (200/1 AD) the sons, Satyros and Theophilos (honoured) their father and Apollonios son of Theophilos (honoured) his uncle, (10) Tryphon son of Theophilos of Hybadai, superintendent of the ephebes, and he himself set his herm up next to that of his own superintendent, Rufus son of Rufus of Eleusis.[2] Gymnasiarch for the whole year: Marcus Julius Pius Papirianus Asklepiades Eurytidas Julius of Thorikos and he was also the archon.[3] General: Aelius Artemon. Herald: Apollonios (15) son of Theophilos. King: Satyros son of Trophon of Hybadai. Polemarch: Titus Varius Eleuseinios of Phlya.[4] Competition directors (agōnothetai): Antinoeia in the City: Satyros son of Tryphon of Hybadai Antinoeia at Eleusis: Theophilos son of Tryphon (20) of Hybadai. Hadrianeia: Aurelius Epigenes and Aurelius Alexandros of Marathon. Philadelpheia: Apollonios son of Theophilos of Hybadai. Severeia: Aelius Artemon of Semachidai. Antoneia: Marcus Julius Pius Papirianus Asklepiades Eurytidas Julius. (25) Commodeia: Annius Sphallon of Pallene. Athenaia: Tullius Metrodoros of Marathon. Epinikeia: Aelius Zenon of Berenikidai. Theseia: The superintendent. Amphieraia: Claudius Aper of Marathon. Germanikeia: Lucius Posthumius (30) Publius of Marathon. The Contest of Prowess (tou peri alkēs): Varius Eleuseinios of Phlya. Phallus Deputy superintendent (antikosmētēs): Eleuseinios son of Kittos of Aithalidai.[5] Commander (hēgemōn) for life: Gaius Tyr(annius?) Teimagenes of Sphettos. Trainer (paidotribēs) for life: Telesphoros son of Menekrates of Phlya. (35) Secretary for life: Priest Straton son of Kithairon of Acharnai.
col. 1
Controllers (sōphronistai)[6] Eutychides son of Praxiteles of Pallene Phoibianus son of Peiraieus of Lamptrai Epiktetos son of Eisidoros of Azenia (40) Agathon son of Phileros of Paiania Aphrodeisios son of Abaskantos of Acharnai Mnesitheos son of Demetrios of Erchia ErechtheisI[7] Eisidotos son of Phoibianos of Lamptrai (45) Demetrios (son of Demetrios) of Lamptrai Soteridas son of Soterichos of Kephisia Philippos son of Symphoros of Kephisia AigeisII Aphrodeisios son of Megistodoros of Gargettos (50) Mnesitheos (son of Mnesitheos) of Erchia Demetrios son of Mnesitheos of Erchia Euodos son of Mnesitheos of Erchia Licinius Kallistomachos of Gargettos PandionisIII (55) Pergasides son of Agathon of Paiania Zosimos son of Agathon of Paiania Onasos son of Antiochos of Kytherros Eutyches son of Lenaios of Kytherros LeontisIV (60) Satyros son of Tryphon of Hybadai Theophilos son of Tryphon of Hybadai Apollonios son of Theophilos of Hybadai Eumenes (son of Eumenes) of Cholleidai Statius Abaskantos of Cholleidai (65) Statius Korinthos of Cholleidai Eisidoros son of Aphthonetos of Leukonoion Dionysodoros son of Hermeios of Leukonoion PtolemaisV Aelius Zenon of Berenikidai (70) Varius Eleuseinios of Phlya Soterichos son of Stratonikos of Phlya Zoilos son of Arkesilaos of Phlya Theophilos son of Theramenes of Semachidai AkamantisVI (75) Marcus Julius Asklepiades Eurytidas of Thorikos Licinius? Straton of Hermos . . . Eudemos of Hermos Thales son of Asklepiades of Kerameis Chrestos son of Moschianos of Kephale (80) Aristippos (son of Aristippos) of Kyrteidai Agathon (son of Agathon) of Kyrteidai Flavius Amphikles of Sphettos Karpodoros son of Sostratos of Hephaistiadai Zenodotos son of Xystos of Hephaistiadai (85) Deputy trainer (hupopaidotribēs)[5] Eutychianos son of Hyakinthos of Sphettos. Deputy secretary: Aelius Eucharistos of Sphettos. Instructor (didaskalos) for life: (90) Euporos son of Epigenes of Acharnai.
col. 2
Deputy controllers (huposōphronistai):[6] Eutychianos (son of Eutychianos) of Epieikidai Zosimos son of Ariston of Besa (95) Nikomachos son of Apollonios . . . Dionysodoros (son of Dionysodoros) of Paiania Prosdokimos (son of Prosdokimos) of Pallene Menodoros son of Agathokles HadrianisVII (100) Aelius Epaphrodeitos of Antinoeis Aelius Dionysios of Antinoeis Kalligamos son of Dionysios . . . OineisVIII Aphrodeisios (son of Aphrodeisios) of Acharnai (105) Euporos son of Aphrodeisios of Acharnai Prosdokimos (son of Prosdokimos) of Acharnai Claudius Marinus of Acharnai KekropisIX Charmides son of Amphiaraos of Melite (110) Pythodoros (son of Pythodoros) of Epieikidai Ephesios son of Pythodoros of Eipieikidai Aithales son of Straton . . . HippthoontisX Xenokrates son of Nikias of Azenia (115) Nikias (son of Nikias) of Azenia Antiochos son of Nikias of Azenia Apollonios (son of Apollonios) of Piraeus (120) Krateros son of Apollonios of [Piraeus] Tryphon (son of Tryphon) . . . AiantisXI Tullius Metrodoros [of Marathon] Marcus Aurelius Epigenes [of Marathon] (125) Marcus Aurelius Alexandros [of Marathon] Lucius Postumius of Marathon Claudius Aper of Marathon Porphyrios [(son of Porphyrios)] of Marathon Claudius Eutyches of Marathon (130) Thallos son of Soterichos of Marathon Zosimos (son of Zosimos) of Marathon AntiochisXII Aelius Artemon of Semachidai Annius Sphallon of Pallene (135) Zosimos son of Eutychides of Pallene Euporos son of Eutychides of Pallene Thallos son of Kallikrates . . . Paramonon son of Paramonos of Amphitrope AttalisXIII (140) Aelius Logismos of Hagnous Publius Aelius Zoeilos of Hagnous Sosikrates son of Epiktetos . . . Preimos son of Epiktetos . . . Hilaros (son of Hilaros) of Athmonon (145) Epaphrodeitos son of Iason . . .
Face B (left)
Weapons-trainer (hoplomachos): Dionysios son of Neikomachos[8] of Phaleron Instructor (didaskalos): Euporos son of Epigenes of Acharnai Kestrophylax: Chrysogonos son of Chrysogonos of Phlya Manager of the Diogeneion (epi Diogeneiou): Claudius Xenophon (150) Cloakroom manager (kapsarios): Melissos Additional enrollees (epengraphoi)[9] Polykarpos son of Hermeias Athenaios son of Polydeukes Epagathos son of Aphrodeisios (155) Oimos (son of Oimos)[10] Philetos son of Philostorgos Klymenos (son of Klymenos) Perigenes son of Hermeias Dionysios son of Demetrios (160) Zosimos son of Anaxilaos Hygeinos son of Oresteinos Mousaios son of Eutyches Theseus son of Prosdokimos Menas son of Euboulos (165) Chrematinos Claudius Herakleon Claudius Dionysios Kondianos son of Menippos Menippos (son of Menippos) (170) Kallistratos son of Menippos Tullius Epiktetos Dionysios son of Demetrios Hermes son of Eutyches Anteros (son of Anteros) (175) Philoumenos son of Anteros Dionysios son of Eutyches Phaustos son of Eutyches Theseus son of Soterichos