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The sacrificial calendar of the Marathonian Tetrapolis

SEG 50.168 Date: Ca. 375-350 BC?
...priestly dues (hierosuna), 7 dr., for Earth in the fields (Gei eg guais), a pregnant bovine, 90 () dr., priestly dues (hierosuna), 4 dr.,...

Provisions for priests and priestesses (in Aixone?)

CGRN 57 Date: 400-350 BC
...priestly dues (hiereosuna), 5 dr.; the skins of the all the victims for the Heroine (heroinion); for a singed full-grown victim, 3 dr.; a s...

Sacrificial Calendar of Athens (later phase)

AIO 1189 Date: 403/2-400/399 BC
...priestly dues for Athena Itonia a sheep priestly dues for Demeter at Eleusis a sheep for Pherrepha...

Decree of the genos Salaminioi concerning the resolution of a dispute

RO 37 Date: 363/2 BC
...priestly dues (hiereosuna), 30 drachmas; for pelanos (30) 3 drachmas; each party shall contribute half of these sums. Of the victims which...

Sacrificial calendar from Teithras

SEG 21.542 Date: 400-350 BC
...priestly dues (hiereiosuna). On the twenty-seventh (tetradi phthinontos), 4 dr. for Athena, a - sheep; for Zeus, prel...

Decree concerning Eleusinian cults at Phrearrhioi

CGRN 103 Date: ca. 335-250 BC
...priestly dues (hiereosuna), a thigh, a flank, a haunch ... the religious officials and the herald shall have a feast ... ... they shall sacr...

Phratry decrees of the Dekeleans

RO 5 Date: 396/5 BC and later
...priestly dues (hiereosuna). (5) From the meion a thigh, a rib, an ear, 3 obols of money; from the koureion a thigh, a rib...

Fragment of a sacrificial regulation

CGRN 61 Date: ca. 350 BC
...priestly dues (hiereiosuna): ... skins, a leg of the ... pieces of meat of each ... (5) of lambs, a leg of each ... on the table a fi...

Sacrificial calendar from Eleusis

I Eleusis 175 Date: ca. 330 BC
...priestly dues (hiereosuna) for the priest (one line erased) (15) for the hierophant and the priestesses from Eleusis at the ...

Decree of the orgeones [of Bendis] (ca. 330-324/3 BC)

Sokolowski, LSCG 45 Date: ca. 330-324/3 BC
...priestly dues for females ((scil.) animals) to the priestess, for males to the priest. No one is to make offerings in the sanctuar...

Sacrificial Calendar of Athens (earlier phase)

AIO 1185 Date: 410-404 BC
...priestly dues”, but this (same value in 13 as in 15, or higher) would be inconsistent with the apparent tendency on Face A for hiereosyna to vary prop...
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