Conze I no. 141 - Funerary monument. Myttope with Myrrhine

Conze I no. 169 - Funerary stele for Chairippe daughter of Euphranor

Conze I no. 367 - Funerary monument for Moschos

Conze II no. 674 - Funerary stele for Demochares and Hegelochos

Conze II no. 817 (drawing) - Grave stele of Aristomache

Conze II no. 912 - Funerary stele for [Th]eokles or [N]eokles

Conze II no. 1006 - Funerary stele for Euthykritos of Eitea

Conze II no. 1049 - Painted funerary stele for the son of Hermaios and Kollion

Conze II no. 1065 - Funerary lekythos [for a father and son?] from Epikephisia

Conze II no. 1099 - Funerary stele of Philodemos and Lysimache

Conze II no. 1162 - Anthippasia dedication of Antiochis

Conze III no. 1258 - Funerary monument of Glauketes

Conze III no. 1260 - Fragment of funerary stele of Chairion

Conze III no. 1582 - Funerary monument. Python of Oinoe and Philte

Conze III no. 1649 - Funerary stele for Aristoklea and another

Conze IV no. 1820 (ph.) - Funerary columella of Euklidas of Hermione

Conze IV no. 1853 (drawing) - Grave stele of Claudia Aphphein

Conze IV no. 1890 - Dedication by the doctor, Jason of Acharnai, and his family

Conze IV no. 1928 n. 1 - Funerary monument of Isias “of Miletos”

Conze IV no. 1930 - Funerary stele of Aphrodisia, also known as Epilampsis, daughter of Aphrodisios of Leukonoion

Conze IV no. 1966 - Funerary stele for Aphrodisia of Salamis together with a curse (?)

Conze IV no. 2092 - Funerary stele of Diodora daughter of Nikephoros