Honours for officials, 303/2 BC

AIUK 2 (BSA) no. 2 Date: 304/3 BC
. . . [1] of the - in the archonship of Pherekles (304/3) and crown each of them with a gold crown according to the law, since having fulfilled their office justly, they have rendered (5) their accounts according to the law:[1] Archias son of Eubios of PotamosI; Lysikrates son of Lysistratos of MeliteII; Mnesimachos son of Telekles of EuonymonIII; Brachyllos son of Brachyllos of ErchiaIV; Antiochos son of Pithon of ProbalinthosV; Pantenor (10) son of Phyleus of SkambonidaiVI; Kallippides son of Dionysios of ThorikosVII; Polliades son of - of LousiaVIII; Telesarchos son of Teleson of HalaiIX; Hippokrates son of Philokrates of OionX; Onesandros son of Phanostratos (15) of SemachidaiXII; for their justice and love of honour towards the Council and People of the Athenians; and the officer in charge of the administration shall give them for a sacrifice and dedication 100 drachmas, so that other officials (20) may also show love of honour, knowing that they will be honoured by the Council and People; and the prytany secretary shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it on the (25) acropolis; and for the inscribing of the stele the treasurer of the People shall give 40 (?) drachmas from the People’s fund for expenditure on decrees.