Decree of the deme Piraeus honouring Kallidamas of Cholleidai

AIUK 4.3A (BM, Decrees of Other Bodies) no. 3 Date: ca. 335-315 BC ?
Diodoros of Piraeus proposed:[1] since Kallidamas son of Kallimedon of Cholleidai[2] is a good man towards the People of Athens and of the deme Piraeus, and does (5) what good he can and has demonstrated good will in critical times, the Piraeans shall decide to praise Kallidamas and crown him with a foliage crown for his excellence and justice towards the Athenian (10) People and the deme Piraeus, and whenever the Piraeans sacrifice in their common rites, they shall allocate Kallidamas a portion as to other Piraeans, and Kallidamas shall feast with (15) the Piraeans in all the rites, except those in which the Piraeans themselves customarily participate and no others; and to allocate him also to the Thirty (triakada) which he himself wishes;[3] and he shall also have a seat of honour (proedrian) in the (20) theatre, whenever the Piraeans hold the Dionysia, where it is allocated to the Piraeans themselves, and the demarch shall lead him into the theatre like the priests and the others to whom a seat of honour has been awarded among the (25) Piraeans;[4] and he shall pay the same taxes (telein ta auta telē) in the deme as the Piraeans also pay, and the demarch shall not levy on him the tax on non-demesmen owning property in the deme (enktētikon);[5] and the herald shall announce in the theatre at the competition for tragedies that the Piraeans (30) crown Kallidamas son of Kallimedon of Cholleidai for his excellence and good will towards the People of Athens and of the deme Piraeus, so that everyone may know that the Piraeans know how to give worthy (35) thanks to those who display love of honour towards them.[6] And to inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it in the sanctuary of Hestia.[7]