Lease of buildings in Piraeus by [the deme] Kytherros

IG II2 2496 Date: ca. 325-300 BC
For good fortune; in the priesthood of Philippides.[1] On the following terms Antimachos son of Amphimachos, Pheidostratos son of Mnesichares, Demaretos son of Leosthenes, (5)Ktesias son of Ktesiphon, Ktesippos Relief[2] son of Ktesiphon, Ktesichares son of Ktesiphon, Ktesias son of Timokrates, Chaireas son of Mnesichares,[3] the section-members (meritai)[4] of Kytherros, leased the workshop (ergastērion) in Piraeus and the (10)dwelling (oikēsin) attached to it and the shed (oikēmation) at the (epi tou) dung-heap (koprōnos)[5] for all time to Eukrates son of Exekias of Aphidna[6] for 54 drachmas each year, free of all taxes (ateles hapantōn),[9] on condition that he pays 30 in Hekatombaion and twenty- (15)four in Posideon, and carries out the necessary repairs to the workshop and the dwelling in the first year; but if he does not pay the rent according to what has been written or does not carry out the repairs, he shall owe double and Eukrates shall vacate the workshop without (20)making an excuse (literally: "saying a word"); the guarantor that he will do what has been written within the time specified shall be Exekias of Aphidna;[7] and the section members (meritas)[4] of Kytherros shall confirm the lease for Eukrates and his descendants,[8] and if not, they shall owe 1000 drachmas; and Eukrates shall inscribe this agreement (sunthēkas) (25)on a stone stele and stand it by the hero;[1] and if there should be a property-based tax (eisphora) due or any other charge of any kind,[9] Eukrates shall pay it according to the valuation of seven minai. Gods.