Dedication of a shrine to Aphrodite/Isis

AIUK 4.5 (BM, Dedications) no. 8 Date: ca. 127–130 AD
The columns (kionia) and pediment (aitoma) and the latticed partitions (kinklides) and the (statue of) Aphrodite she dedicated to the Goddess from her own resources (5) having repaired both (the statue of) the goddess itself and the things related to it; she was her lamplighter (luchnaptria) and dream-interpreter (oneirokritis). In charge of the vestments was Aemilius (10) Attikos of Melite; the priest, bearer (iakchagogos) of the image of Iakchos, was the son of Dionysios of Marathon, temple attendant (zakoros) and bearer of the holy vessels (hagiaphoros) was Eukarpos.[1]