Honours for the prytany treasurer of Pandionis

Agora XV 265 Date: second half of 1st century BC
. . . of Paiania . . . [1] . . . many times and . . . . . . admitted . . . . . . for good fortune, the Council shall decide to praise [the] (5)[treasurer of the prytaneis, Sar]ap[i]on of Paiania, and to crown him [with a foliage crown] and to permit the prytaneis [and those with perpetual dining rights (aeisitois)] to make a dedication of a painted image (eikonos) of him [on a gilt shield] in the Stoa of Attalos, bearing [this] inscription: "[The prytaneis] of Pandionis and those with perpetual dining rights in the archonship of D- (10)dedicated (this image of) their own treasurer," and [the secretary] of the prytany shall inscribe this [decree] on a stone stele [and]
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