List of participants of the second Domitianic Dodekais at Delphi

F.Delphes III 2 66 Date: 87/8 – 95/6 AD (92/3 AD?)
In the archonship of - at Delphi, when the priests of Apollo Pythios were G(aius) M(emmius) Euthydamos and Eukleidas son of Astoxenos, (5)in the month Bathoos, and at Athens when the priest of Pythios and high priest was Ti(berius) Cl(audius) Hipparchos of Marathon, and the priest was -naios [son of - ] (10) . . . For Good Fortune, in the year after the archonship of Rufus at Athens, in the month of Boedromion,[1] the following, having been sent (15)to Delphi in accordance with the oracle of the god by the Athenians for the bull-headed (bouprōron) Dodekais-sacrifice, (20)sacrificed to the god according to the ancestral customs:[2] The priest of Hermes Patroos of the Kerykes and herald of Apollo Pythios Philon son of Philon of Marathon, (25)the religious official (hieropoios) Philon son of Polemon of Marathon, the religious official of the Kerykes and Euneidai Polemon son of Philon of Marathon, the seer (mantis) Philemon, (30)the pipe-player Philomousos.[3]