Choregic dedication of six tribes for the City Dionysia

IG II3 4 563 Date: After 121 AD
The namesakes (epōnumoi) of Ptolemy and Attalis' folk grasped victory, and the descendants of Hadrian's tribe, and the Aigeid crown-wearer, and the Pandeionidai, and the blood of the Erechtheidai, young men (kouroi) raising a shout. (5) They followed the multifold rhythms of Agathokles, with their feet, watching pipe-blowing Zosimos. . . . was archon of the Athenians and Tryphon prepared the song of . . . with a two-handed harp. [And . . . all around is] Lady Sponsorship (Choragia), and all around is Victory, (10)[and all around is the noble] splendour (aglaia) of the tripod.[1]