Decrees of Athenian Assembly and deme Eleusis honouring Pamphilos of Eleusis, the demarch

I Eleusis 229 Date: 150/49 BC ?
Decree 1 (Assembly)
In the archonship of Pelops,[1] in the twelfth prytany, of Ptolemais, for which Dionysikles son of Dionysios of Hekale was secretary; on the sixteenth of Skirophorion, the sixteenth of the prytany; Assembly in the theatre; of the presiding committee Rhexion son of Damatrios of Thorai was putting to the (5) vote and his fellow presiding committee members. The Council and People decided. Archippos son of Archias of Bate proposed: about the report which the demarch of the Eleusinians makes concerning the sacrifices which he made at the Haloa[2] and the Chloia[3] to both Demeter and the Girl (Korei) and the other gods to whom it was traditional, and performed the sacrifice of the Kalamaia[4] and despatched the procession according to tradition with (10) the hierophant and the priestesses, [5] having expended on all these things not a little from his own resources, and reported that the rites turned out fine and salutary; for good fortune, the Council shall decide that those allotted to preside at the forthcoming Assembly shall put these matters on the agenda, and submit the opinion of the Council to the People that it seems good to the Council to (15) accept the good outcome of the rites which he performed for the health and preservation of both the Council and the People and the children and women and the friends and allies; and to praise the demarch of the Eleusinians, Pamphilos son of Archon of Eleusis and crown him with a myrtle crown, which is traditional, for his piety towards the gods; and the prytany (20) secretary shall inscribe this decree on a stone stele and stand it in the courtyard of the sanctuary at Eleusis; and the treasurer of the military fund shall allocate for the inscribing and setting up of the stele the expenditure accruing.
col. 1
The Council (crowned) (25) Pamphilos son of Archon of Eleusis, having been demarch.
col. 2
(24) The deme of Eleusis (crowned) Pamphilos son of Archon of Eleusis, having been demarch.
col. 3
(24) The People (crowned) Pamphilos son of Archon of Eleusis, having been demarch.
Decree 2 (deme Eleusis) (30) Xenokrates son of Xenokrates of Eleusis[6] proposed: since Pamphilos son of Archon, having been appointed demarch in the year of Pelops’ archonship, sacrificed at the Dionysia to Dionysos and despatched the procession and . . . . . . , and put on the competition in the theatre, to which the Eleusinians contributed or which the Eleusinians joined in celebrating (su[ntelousin]), falling in no way short in his enthusiasm and love of honour (philotimias),[7] and sacrificed [at the Haloa] (35) [and the Chloia] to Demeter and the Girl, supplying the sacrifices [from his own resources] and jointly managed the sacrifice of the Kalamaia [with the hierophant] [and the priestesses] . . . having expended on it . . . . . . . . .