Foundation of colony at Brea

IG I3 46 Date: 440-432 BC (?)
. . . [1] . . . . . . . . . . . . (5) . . . to which he denounces (phainei) [or prosecutes (graphetai)], let him introduce; if he introduces . . . the one who has denounced (phenas) or prosecuted . . . Let the colonists (apoikistai)[2] provide . . . for them to seek good omens for the colony (apoikias)[2], as much (10) as they see fit. Ten men shall be elected as land-distributors (geonomos), one from each tribe: let these distribute the land. Demokleides shall establish the colony, with full power (autokratora), as best he can. The precincts (temene) which have been set aside shall be left as they are, (15) and others shall not be created.[3] They shall bring a cow and a panoply to the Great Panathenaia, and to the Dionysia a phallos.[5] If any one attacks (epistrateuei) the land of the colonists (apoikon), the cities shall come in support as quickly as possible, in accordance with the instructions (chsuggraphas) drawn up, (20) when - was secretary, for the Thraceward cities. This shall be written on a stele and set down on the acropolis; let the colonists (apoikoi) provide the stele at their own expense. If any one puts a motion to the vote contrary to the stele (25) or any speaker proposes or tries to issue a summons (proskaleisthai) detracting from or annulling any of what has been decreed, he shall be [without rights (atimon)], himself and the sons born from him, and his property shall be confiscated and a tithe given to the Goddess, unless the colonists (apoikoi) themselves make (30) [a request? ...]. Those of the soldiers who are enlisted to go as an addition to the [colony (epoikesen)], after they have come to Athens, they shall go as [additional colonists (epoikesontas)] to Brea within thirty days. The colony shall be led out within thirty days. Aischines shall accompany them and disburse (35) the funds. Phantokles proposed: concerning the colony to Brea, in accordance with the proposal of Demokleides, but Phantokles (40) shall be brought by the prytany (prutaneian) of ErechtheisI before the Council at its next meeting; and the colonists to go to Brea (45) shall be from the thetes and zeugitai.[4]