Catalogue of ephebes, 87/8 AD ?

IG II2 1996 Date: AD 87/8?
For good fortune, in the archonship of the Emperor Caesar, son of the Divine Vespasian, Domitian Augustus Germanicus Zeus of Freedom (Eleutheriou) (87/8 AD?), the superintendent (kosmetēs) Straton (son of Straton) of Epikephisia, (5) inscribed the tutors (paideutas) under him and the ephebes under him.[1] The Theseia having been held, the competition directors were (ēgōnothetoun): Straton (son of Straton) of Epikephisia the Y(ounger) and [Menandros] son of Straton of Epikephisia and they [won the sea battle (naumachian)] at S[alamis].[2] The gymnasiarchs were:[3] (10) Straton (son of Straton) of Epikephisia and
col. 1
Menandros son of Straton [of Epikephisia] [Boedrom(ion)] Apelles (son of Apelles) of Erchia[4] [Pyanops(ion)] Alkimos (son of Alkimos) of Besa [Mamakte(rion)] Artemon son of Korinthos [of Anaphlystos][5] Posei(deon) (15) Panchares son of Ask- Gamel(ion) Gaius Horarius Anthesterios . . . [6] Antheste(rion) Paramonos (son of Paramonos) of Phlya Elaphebo(lion) Philemon son of S-lotheos of Euonymon Mouni(chion) . . . of Sphettos Tharge(lion) (20) Straton and Menandros of Epikephisia Skiro(phorion) [Eperastos] son of Alkimos of Besa Hekatom(baion) [Herakon] son of Alkimos of Besa[7] Metageitnion
col. 2
Citizens (poleitai)[8] -os son of Menandros of Phaleron (25) -onos (son of -onos) of Pallene -bos (son of -bos) of . . . -los S-anus of Cholleidai -rizon son of Zopyros of Piraeus -niu- son of Theokritos of Piraeus (30) . . . son of . . . of Berenikidai -chos (son of -chos) of Sounion . . . Οdinius Euelpistos[9] Antiochos (son of Antiochos) of Anaphlystos Soisthenes son of Antiochos of Anaphlystos (35) Aphrodeisios son of Zosimos of LamptraiI Dionysios son of Zosimos of Lamptrai Anthos son of Euphranor of Lamptrai Lenais (son of Lenais) of Pambotadai Pankrates son of Euarestos of AraphenII (40) Poplios (son of Poplios) of AngeleIII Mousais (son of Mousais) of MyrrhinouttaII Artemon son of Kallias of Gargettos Gaios (son of Gaios) of Gargettos Euodos son of Hermias of KydathenaionIII (45) Hesperos son of Zopyros of Paiania Asiatikos son of Zopyros of Paiania Noumenios son of Symmachos of . . . [Eupo?]ros (son of [Eupo?]ros) of EupyridaiIV Eraton son of Euporos of Eupyridai (50) Sta-los (son of Sta-los) of Deiradiotai Phosphoros son of Dionysios of Kolonai Aulius Lollius Atticus of AzeniaIX Agathopous son of Aphrodeisios of SkambonidaiIV Bakchylos son of Neikias of PhlyaVIII (55) Polybios son of Phaustos of Phlya Zosimos son of Dionysios of Phlya Aphrodeisios son of Polykleitos of ThorikosVI Apollodoros (son of Apollodoros) of AcharnaiVII Dionysios son of Apollodoros of Acharnai (60) Parasios (son of Parasios) of Phyle Zopyros (son of Zopyros) of Phyle Euboulides son of Aphrodisios of Perithoidai Apollonios (son of Apollonios) of Halai Asklepiades of SypalettosVIII (65) Antipatros (son of Antipatros) of AlopekeXI Epigonos son of Alexandros of Pallene Karpodoros (son of Karpodoros) of SounionXII Glaukias son of Aphrodeisios of PiraeusIX Kraton (son of Kraton) of MarathonX (70) Sotas son of Kraton of Marathon Apollonides (son of Apollonides) of Trikorynthos Αktis son of Euktemon of SounionXII Aphrodeisios son of Alkamenes of PaianiaIII Hikesios son of Alkamenes of Paiania (75) Attikos son of Apelles of ErchiaII Paramonos (son of Paramonos) of Lamptrai Philemon son of Amyntas of AnaphlystosXI Philon (son of Philon) of MarathonX Euodos (son of Euodos) of AraphenII (80) Herakleon son of Aristeides of RhamnousX uninscribed space List of citizens continues in col. 3, l. 115.
col. 3
Milesians[10] Aufidius Diodotos Menandros (son of Menandros) Pomponius Clarus (85) Eutychides son of Asklepi- Italos (son of Italos) Menodoros son of Italos Nikias (son of Nikias) Eutychides son of . . . (90) Titus Flavius Synegdemos (son of Synegdemos) Eugenes son of Mouseros Eutychos son of Kriton Eisidoros son of Euporos Sokrates son of Demetrios (95) Titus Claudius Philokrates Herakleon son of Dionysios Protogenes (son of Protogenes) Dionysios son of Protogenes Skenikos son of Apelles (100) Asklepiodoros son of Euktemon Bion son of Eukarpides Dionysios (son of Dionysios) Tryphon son of Dionysios . . . son of Epiktetos (105) . . . . . . son of Graphikos . . . son of Pamphilos . . . -yphoros -tos son of Moschion (110) -kos son of Athenion -s son of Mnesitheos -ntos son of Apelles . . . son of Apelles List of Milesians continues in col. 5, l. 144. . . . List of citizens resumes from col. 2, l. 80. (115) Asklepiades (son of Asklepiades) of LamptraiI Bassos son of Asklepiades of Lamptrai Primos (son of Primos) of Lamptrai Makareus (son of Makareus) of MyrrhinouttaII Sostratos (son of Sostratos) of Erchia (120) Demetrios son of Sostratos of Erchia Poplios son of Aristides of Philaidai Eublastos son of Dioteimos of Gargettos Zosimos son of Hesperos of PaianiaIII Rhodippos son of Sporos of CholleidaiIV (125) Straton son of Zosimos of Deiradiotai Zosimos son of Epiktetos of Paionidai Zoilos son of Epiktetos of Paionidai Diodoros (son of Diodoros) of PhlyaVII Antiochos (son of Antiochos) of Phlya (130) Zosimos (son of Zosimos) of SphettosV Bassos son of Aphrodeisios of LousiaVI Eleusinios son of Menis of Phyle Halys son of Herakleon of AzeniaVIII Blastos son of Dionysios . . . (135) Poseidonios (son of Poseidonios) of AnaphlystosX Korinthos (son of Korinthos) of Anaphlystos Isidotos (son of Isidotos) of SounionXII uninscribed space
Relief of a ship
col. 4
. . . of Marathon, trainer (paidotribēs)[11] . . . of Marathon, tutors (paideutai) (140) . . . -andros son of Xanthοs? of Melite . . . son of Charikles Apollonios Drusus [Deputy] trainer (hupopaidotribēs)
col. 5
-stratos son of The- (145) E-los son of Theodo(ros) Alexandros son of Eisi- Asklepiades (son of Asklepiades) Menandros son of Bathippos Posas son of Preimos (150) Primos (son of Primos) Zosimos son of Primos Menas son of Plokamos Athenais son of Apollo- Euodos son of Heraklei- (155) Zosimos son of Herakl- Eleusinios son of Euodos Aphrodeisios (son of Aphrodeisios) Ariston son of Lenaios Attikos son of Theogenes (160) Apollonios son of Euphr- Lysias son of Eisidoros Sostratos son of Kalliph- Damas son of Pamphilos Sympheron son of Anthes (165) Dionysios son of Hermias Dionysios son of E- Epiktetos . . . Chares . . . Anthesterios? (son of Anthesterios?) (170) Publius Hermes Apollonios son of Deme- Kteson son of Philemon Terpsichoros son of Moschion Lysippos son of Zethos (175) Onesas son of Archelaos Sympheron son of Lenaios Eraton son of Lenaios Anteros son of Askle- Attikos son of Philon (180) Onesas son of Aulos Zosimos son of Sokra- Publius Beryllus Mousaios son of Kallist- Eumenes son of Palation (185) Eleutheros son of Palation Aphrodeisios . . . Demetrios . . . . . . Vergilius . . . Demetrios . . . (190) Junius Dem- Sotas son of Euporos Preimos son of Kallikles Apollonios son of Aphro(deisios) Chariton son of Athenion (195) Aristomachos . . . Aphrodeisios . . . Pistos son of -is Onesimos son of Epiktetos Flavius Euelpistos (200) Eisias son of Basileides Hermeias Am- . . .
col. 6
Leonas son of Euodos Zenon son of Hiero- (205) Hermogenes son of Epi- Sympheron son of De- Hygeinos son of Neiko-[12] Philoumenos son of A- Paramonos (son of Paramonos) (210) Aristoboulos Primos son of Epiktetos Onesimos son of Aphr(odeisios) Amiantos son of Aso- Mystes son of Philip- (215) Claudius Aphrodisios Dionysios son of De- Stachys son of Faustus Onesimos son of Dio- Eisidoros son of Lys- (220) Pamphilos son of M- Diodoros . . . Euodos . . . Eu- . . . Aristokles (225) Nikias (son of Nikias) Semnos son of Alexandros Preimos (son of Preimos) Diodoros son of Ptolemaios Emporikos son of Eu- (230) Eirenaios son of Deios Skiros son of Theophilos Pankarpos son of Sym- Agathemeros son of Hera- Graphikos son of Apelles (235) Zosimos son of Nigros Prosdektos son of Nigros Zosimos son of Isidoros Dionysios son of Doro- Kraton son of Aristides (240) Symphoros son of Demetrios Eleusinios son of Dio(dotos?) Trophimos son of Diodo(tos?) Serapas son of Diodotos Eucharistos son of Le- (245) Pamphilos son of Zen- Dionysios son of Theo- . . . . . . . . . (250) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (255) K- . . .
col. 7
. . . son of Diophantos -kos son of Euty- Eleusinios son of Ep- Agathon (son of Agathon) (260) Euphrantides . . . Soterichos . . . Diokles . . . . . . . . . (265) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (270) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (275) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (280) . . . A- O- Dio- Stephanos . . . (285) Africanus . . . [13] -ptos Hyginos son of Nik-.[12] uninscribed space