Statue base (?) for Marcus Ulpius Eubiotos

IG II2 3697 Date: ca. 230 AD
For good fortune, (this image of) the most brilliant consular and eponymous archon Marcus Ulpius Eubiotos Leuros of Gargettos (was erected) on account of all his excellence (aretēs) and his love of honour (philoteimias) regarding the fatherland, (5) both in the grain funds, to which he gave bountifully two hundred and fifty thousand (denarii), and in the provisions, which he provided in the great famine, by decree (dogmati) of the mighty Areopagites, the priest of Apollo Patroos, Publius Aelius Zenon (10) of Berenikidai (erected it for) the common benefactor and his own patron (prostatēn).[1]