Taurobolic inscription

IG II2 5 13252 Date: 361-387 AD
The rival (ephamillos) of his ancestors, who elevated his great family even more by his own actions, Archeleos, knew gratitude (charin) in return for the rite of the taurobolium, having set up an altar of Attis and Rhea. (5) He is the pride of the Kekropian city;[1] he dwells in Argos living a mystic life well, for there he is keyholder (kleidouchos) of Queen Hera, and in Lerna he received the torches that solemnize the Mysteries (mustipolous).
As dadouch of Kore, carrying the sacred keys of Queen Hera’s shrine (sēkōn), (10) Archeleos dedicated me, this altar, to Rhea, having engraved hidden (krupta) tokens (sunthēmata) of the taurobolium rite (teletēs), performed here for the first time.[2]