Honours for the managers of Zeus Soter

IG II3 1 902 Date: 273/2 BC
Gods. In the archonship of Glaukippos (273/2), in the twelfth prytany, of -, for which Euthoinos son of Euthykritos of MyrrhinousV was secretary. On the twenty-first (dekatei husterai) of (5) Skirophorion, the twenty-third of the prytany. Assembly. Of the presiding committee - son of Kephision of Hagnous was putting to the vote and his fellow presiding committee members. The Council and People decided. Ar- son of - of Gargettos proposed: (10) since the managers (epimelētai) sacrificed all the sacrifices to Zeus Soter and Athena Soteira[1] and managed everything else with the priest well and with love of honour (philotimōs), and managed the strewing of the couch and the (15) adornment of the table, for good fortune, the Council shall decide: that the presiding committee (proedrous) allotted to preside in the People shall put the matter on the agenda and submit the opinion of the Council to the People, that it seems good to the Council (20) to praise the managers: - son of - of Halai, Epikydes son of - of -, -les son of Onomastos of -, - son of -pos of Athmonon, Ka- son of - of -, -leon son of Panta- (25) of -, - son of Geitonides of A-, - son of -ktetos of Marathon, Pr- son of - of Aphidna, Charippos son of L- of -, Dromeas son of Diokles of Erchia, - son of - of Paiania, Menekles son of Ch- (30) of -, and to crown each of them with a foliage crown for their piety to the gods and love of honour (philotimias) for the Council and People; and the prytany secretary shall inscribe this decree (35) on a stone stele and stand it in the agora; and for inscribing the stele the board of administrators shall allocate 50(?) drachmas.